Nov 13 Friday | Music Event | Solo Guitar

Maki - Birdsong

Michael Fix - promoGuitarist Michael Fix


Michael Fix is widely acclaimed as one of the world’s leading acoustic guitarists. He has won three Golden Guitars and numerous other awards in Australia. He tours widely throughout the world, particularly Europe, and over the past two decades he has released 14 albums, together with several singles and EPs, and has established himself globally as a leading performer, appearing at festivals and concert venues across Australia, Asia and Europe.

A composer and master guitarist of many genres, Michael Fix possesses the gift of the minstrel, touching his listeners on a very deep and personal level and creating a myriad of sensory experiences through his music. A guitar in his hands, and all the emotional possibilities of music are realised.

Michael’s performance as a part of this event series, will be a very intimate and personal experience with a truly extraordinary artist. A celebration of simple pleasures, a child’s smile, a birdsong, a storm passing. A sharing of life’s highs and lows, love and intimate connections, the loss of a friend or the passing of one’s childhood. Like the sublime images and paintings of Maki Horanai, this concert – through music – will be the sharing of the universal truths, emotions and experiences that connect us all as human beings.


6pm – 10pm

Arrival and art viewing from 6pm.

Concert from 7.30pm.




Maximum of 60 guests.

Tea, coffee, cake and light supper will be available to purchase.



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